"Understand before trying to be understood."


Today we are conflicted between what we see as right and wrong. When people do things we normally wouldn't we automatically see it as wrong. When they say things in ways we wouldn't, they're wrong, but no. In fact, we are wrong for perceiving it as wrong and not thinking with an open mind. Doing something bad and having a different point of view are two complete different things. Open your mind to those different perspectives so that your mind can grow. Widening the way you see a situation can widen the amount of possible solutions. Never think so minimal that you begin to lose sight of what life is truly about. Everyone is different, you may have similar viewpoints on certain things but may agree to disagree on others. Never stop your brain from absorbing knowledge. As okay you are with being a teacher you should be a student. Bless.

Pushing Yourself

75% of the time we sit back and think about why we are doing what we are doing, how hard it is, how difficult it is to maintain this lifestyle. We go on explaining ourselves to others, sharing our visions, running into walls, failing, complaining about where we are not, but that is where we mess up...

We don't take the time out to think about how far we HAVE come, we don't give appreciation for how much growth has already taken place, nor the reason we started this journey.  

We must look ourselves in the mirror congratulate ourselves for our strength, for our fearlessness in taking this route, for pushing forward through all the hardship. No one but YOU can end everything, no ONE but YOU decides to wake up everyday and chase this dream. You are only always at the beginning of every new part of your journey when you sit back and reflect. Do not be afraid to congratulate yourself in growth. Bless


This area here is going to be a safe space for everyone to pour and share and communicate with others. Every two weeks I am going to be picking topics to discuss with everyone. As a start up I would like for you guys to drop subjects you'd like to read or talk about in the comments.. CANT WAIT TO START THIS JOURNEY WITH YOU ALL!